WWDC 2017 LIVE coverage with commentary

David Foster 06.06.2017 0 comments

Hey Geek! So, I covered WWDC 2017, and here is the video. See below for my thoughts…

So, I LOVE the iMac Pro announcement, but as Paul Dixon pointed out in the Slack Chat, (become a member if you want to join us there) it doesn’t look like it is expandable once you buy it…which is crazy. I just personally don’t have $4999 to invest in a computer. Maybe one day…but not right now.

iOS 11: I really like a lot of the announcements about this version. I have been happy with 10, but some of the notification features could use some help, and it sounds like those have been addressed in this new version.

If you’re brave, and want to get the Beta, here are the links to do so: https://jumpshare.com/v/puEpAcjejqu9M4bPFpPC¬†or http://beta.applebetas.co/ios (please note, these could be taken down at any time).

iPad Pro: This really wasn’t a huge announcement as far as I am concerned. It does sound like some good enhancements, but nothing major. I already have a Pro, and will probably wait until next year’s MAJOR announcements, when they deliver the best iPad Pro they have ever made!

HomePod: (really apple?) Ok, so they announced a Google Home/Alexa type device, however they really focused on the speaker (sound) aspect of it. They even compared these things to Sonos, however I just cannot agree with that comparison. There is NO WAY they are going to pack as much amazing sound in those little speakers as Sonos does in theirs. Sonos is a far better sound solution. And if you compare what you can get, the HomePod is going to be $349, where you can get a Sonos 3 for $299 and have WAY better sound.

You could get 2 Sonos 1’s for $199ea and have a stereo pair, where you would be $700 in to do that with the HomePods. Sonos will still play all of your iTunes music. To be fair, I have not yet heard the HomePod speaker, but just looking at it, and the size, I just cannot see (hear) it even coming close, but if it does, I will update this post.

So, other than that…I was not really impressed with the announcements. They sure hype it though, as this was supposedly THE best and biggest WWDC ever. Hmmm.

I am, however, PUMPED to see the new iPhone 8. Like so much so that I am already putting money away to get one. It will be mine…oh yes…it will be mine!

Here’s my friends over at EverythingApplePro talking about iOS 11.

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