Welcome to Geeks Life!

Well, hello again, Geek!

Welcome to a NEW beginning! This is the start of something that I hope will be fun for us. Over the next several months, I will be working on getting this site updated and a plan to get consistent content out to you. I am still working on where.

Geeks Life has been pretty much a hobby channel up to now. Because of the situation with Live Streaming Pros, which is a good one, I now have to figure out how to make Geeks Life profitable. That is my task. I am going to try to do it so that the biggest % comes from advertisers etc., but I will also be relying on YOU as members. I will let you know once I know what is going on. 🙂

I will also be looking into a way that we can communicate on a regular basis. I really enjoy forums, but it seems that most people do not keep up with them because they do not get notified when there are new comments and posts. THAT is one thing I will be working on. I want us to have a place where we can have ongoing conversations on many geeky topics!

It has been one hell of a journey, and I’m glad you have followed and come along! We’ve come too far to quit now!

Ok, so what is going on with the site?

Well, version 1 will be just getting the blog in order and coming up with a consistent content schedule so that posts are going out regularly. The BIG LOFTY goal will be to have something going out every day. That was pretty easy when I was doing the daily vlogs a couple of years ago, but with where I am now, it is not as easy.

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Version 2 will be something different. Back in 2014-2015, I tried something with the site where I created a way for other geeks (creators) to post their own content. Kind of like a network. I would really like to get back to doing something like that again. It was fun seeing what other people were doing and creating.

[wpdiscuz-feedback id=”mtq44z99ci” question=”Are you excited to see where the site goes?” opened=”0″]I just want this to be a place where YOU can get some fun tech news and geeky stuff, while also contributing your own stuff…while we all work together to create a vibrant community and safe space for all geeks, no matter what your passion.[/wpdiscuz-feedback]

I admit I am very excited to see where this all goes. While I am deciding the ultimate goal, I will be releasing content on a regular basis. I am going to try to find a “style” that suits me and the brand…and you get to come along on that journey if you want to.

I am going to eventually start the podcast where I will go more in-depth on how this all happened, and what I am thinking. Make sure you are subscribed to the email list so you can get updates as I get closer to officially launching.

Ok…let’s do this!

7 thoughts on “Welcome to Geeks Life!”

  1. Beautiful clean layout .. good color choice …. good blog style… Looking forward to version 2 … everyone has something to share … It just depends how easy it is putting it up there …

    1. Thanks man! Glad you have stuck around so long. It has definitely been a roller coaster. Hoping that will change this round! 🙂

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