VLOG: Editing video on the iPad Pro with Luma Fusion

David Foster 08.06.2017 7 comments

Ok, so I have to admit, when I first thought about doing this, I was very sceptical. I didn’t think there was any way I would be able to successfully edit 4K at 60fps on an iPad, when I was having issues on my 5K iMac…but here’s what I found!

Needless to say, I am shocked. So…think you’re going to try it?

Just in case you want to, here’s a link to the site to download the app: https://luma-touch.com/

I would LOVE to know what you think!

David Foster

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7 thoughts on “VLOG: Editing video on the iPad Pro with Luma Fusion

    • I bought the 512GB iPad, so I have quite a bit of storage on it. The footage, however, will not be stored there. It will be stored in Google Drive until I pull it in to edit. Then once I am done, it will be deleted from the iPad, but will remain in Google Drive should I ever need the original footage again.

    • In the video, I showed the SD Card Reader for iPad. That is how I brought in some of the footage. I also imported some of it from Google Drive. This way I do not have to keep it all stored on the iPad itself. Then, once I am done, I will remove the footage from the iPad to free up storage, since I can always download the original 4K video from YouTube.

  1. Hi David,

    I have a similar workflow, full 4k video 24fps video saved onto a micro sd card and imported into an iPad using the SD card with micro sd card adaptor to lightling dongle. I import the footage into the camera roll and can edit in Luma Fusion. Since I only have a 16GB 9.7inch 2016 iPad Air, I tried uploading the footage to Google Drive. The problem is that Google Drive resizes the video either to 360p or a maximum of 1080p. This is confirmed when I compare the file size of what I uploaded to Google Drive and and compared to the original file size. Google processes the video down to 1080p at best. Have you found any solution?

  2. Did you figure out how to store the 4k footage on Google Drive without it resizing to 1080p? Is hard to store much with the 15gb limitation too. Awesome article again.

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