VLOG: Artificial Intelligence. Is it here to take over the World?

David Foster 08.02.2017 8 comments

Artificial Intelligence. It’s one of those things that some people really love, and some people really fear. I can see a bit of both sides. I can see it doing great things, but in the wrong hands, like anything else, could go horribly wrong.

So…tell me what you think! You all for it? Scared? Indifferent?

Let's Geek Out!

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Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson

Great topic! I think it is a good thing that some really unexpected outcomes are occurring with AI. Hopefully such incidents will serve as warnings to developers to be more cautious.

Michael Smith
Michael Smith

A good article about what AI and automation will potentially do to middle class jobs.


Michael Smith
Michael Smith

Another good article, the argument is that more higher end jobs will be created in the process to replace those replaced by automation but the chart on the print jobs vs. media jobs clearly shows that this is not the case.



I’ve liked the idea of A.I. since the movie Black Hole by Disney, Buck Rogers and more, including Battle Star Galactica. So I got the impression that there’s good and bad bots, like there’s good and bad people. We definitely need regulation now plus export restrictions but I doubt that will stop hackers from getting any source code. A good book I liked is “The Age of Spiritual Machines” by Ray Kurzweil. He also has a newer book called “The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology.” As I understand it we will keep up by putting microchips in our bodies as well as nanobots so we can upgrade our brains plus interface with computers much more capable than our brains in a way that they’re an extension of us. It’s like a car basically. We can’t run that fast or go that far so we use vehicles. Kurzweil now works for Google in their A.I. department. I’m a bit concerned but optimistic as well. Just like with cars.