David Foster 08.22.2017 1 comment

Awe man! Right when the new iPhone is coming out??

David Foster

I just live. For lots of things. Bacon being one. Tech is another. Music is also one. Coffee is pretty important too. Oh and my dog Abbey. Luria rates pretty high on this list too. She's at least in the top 10.

One thought on “VLOG: A new MOTO X?

  1. Google Fi has the Moto X with Android One. I’m not sure if it’s for pre-order or if you can get it right away. Looks nice! I had a 2013 Moto G back in the day and it had I think Moto Assistant and it knew when I was driving and would speak texts to me and I could answer by voice if I wanted to. Motorola is great. I’m hanging in there with Sprint. They’re working nice. But if I had to I’d probably go Google with the Moto X because it’s $400 new and so cool.

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