VLOG #7: The Canon M6 Part 1

David Foster 07.07.2017 5 comments

So far, I am loving this camera. So much so that I am already prepping the sony a6500 to sell. There are many things I love about it, one being it’s smaller form factor. It is small, yet fits perfectly in the hands.

I also have to say, that I didn’t think the flip up screen was going to make that much of a difference, but it does. It makes it so much easier to know if I am getting a good shot. I now see what all the fuss is about with daily vloggers.

So, this vlog is nowhere near a review. That is coming. I will be playing with it over the weekend to see just how much I REALLY like it, and then next week (Monday) will make my decision.

Are you a camera person? If so, do you use mirrorless, or DSLR’s? Let me know in the comments below!

Here’s the unboxing of the camera…

And here’s the drone flight where I crashed!

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5 thoughts on “VLOG #7: The Canon M6 Part 1

        • Yes. Quite. It’s a great little camera. If you’re going to be vlogging though, I would look at what’s more important to you. If I were to get another one, I’d have gotten the M5 with the flip down screen. Since having a mic is more important than a tripod.

          • Cool. I think I’ve got it narrowed down to the M6 versus the SL2. It’ll see some vlog use, but mostly I want it for talking head style shots (with audio recorded outboard). Looks like I can’t go wrong either way: save money with the SL2 or get better photo AF with the M6. Thanks David!

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