UPDATE: I have made a decision that affects us all! For the better!


Hey Geek! I made a decision, and it affects all of us. It is a good thing! Dare I say, an awesome thing? I’m adjusting the workshop a tad because I now see that I can throw monetization and audience growth strategies to the FRONT of the workshop instead of the end.

Watch the video and let me know what you think. I am excited about this because it can make you money faster. One of the hardest things on EVERY platform is reaching monetization status. Well…we’re now going to take that OUT of their hands. Making theirs supplemental, if needed at all.

If you’re on board, just head to BuymeaCoffee.com/ImpartialGeek and become a member or buy me a taco. Or 2..3..4 lol However many you think I can fit in my mouth.

Per a special request, I will do a full stream in a suit when we reach $300. Yes…the whole 9 yards. Suit. Tie. Socks. Dress shoes. Hair done up nice. Beard trimmed and brushed. You get the picture! LOL


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  1. The monent I get my income tax refund… I am donating! Dust that Sunday suit off Dave! ??
    Lisa200072 aka Lwalton3765

  2. Sounds like a plan David. My website is still in progress.

  3. At your suggestion we started redirecting our Superchat support to Buymeacoffee and some of our community have already contributed. We couldn’t figure out what to do with Patreon. We were already looking at pushing our Facebook and Twitch viewers there as we are not monetized anywhere besides YouTube. I was supporting you on YouTube and Twitch…I will stick to my Twitch support and will see how I can support on coffee.

    1. Twitch will be fine for now. Who knows what could happen to them in the future. Thanks for the support and congrats on getting people to donate to your content!!

  4. sounds good david. I’m right behind you. already became a member on buymeacoffee


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