Sony a6300 Camera

Unboxing the Sony a6300 Camera

David Foster 04.10.2017 2 comments
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NOTE: Sorry for the audio issues in this video! We have that figured out, and it will be good in the next one!

Ok, so I had the pleasure of unboxing the Sony a6300. So far, I am really enjoying this camera. Watch for my review coming soon.

This camera retails at around $1000, however it has been out for awhile, so on Amazon there is a good chunk of refurbs and used that you can pick up. CLICK HERE to check it out.

I picked this camera up as a main vlogging camera. I was planning on using my iPhone 7+ exclusively for ALL footage on this channel. However, when watching it back, it was very jittery and well, I just don’t like that.

I want my videos to be still and nice…because in this day and age, quality really does matter.

I will also be going over all of my gear that we will be using on this channel to make our videos. I still have a LOT to learn regarding camera settings, as in that area I am still a beginner. But I am learning more and more every day!

So…have you tried this camera? If so, what do you think?

David Foster

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  • Dave Taylor

    As an A6000 owner, the A6300 makes a great camera eve better.

    And yes, the little straps clips are super annoying

    • David Foster

      Well, I just upgraded to the a6500 and it makes it even better. Lol so my review will be on that instead.