UNBOXING: The Samsung Galaxy S8+

David Foster 05.11.2017 4 comments

I got a chance to grab one of the Galaxy S8+’s for review, and will be doing that soon. I am putting this thing up against my iPhone 7+ to see which one wins…now…this does not mean that it will win the battle between Android and iOS…this just means it wins for ME. For my needs on a day to day basis…which could be your same needs…so come along on the journey!

What do you think initially? Like the design? Are you Android or iOS?

David Foster

I just live. For lots of things. Bacon being one. Tech is another. Music is also one. Coffee is pretty important too. Oh and my dog Abbey. Luria rates pretty high on this list too. She's at least in the top 10.

4 thoughts on “UNBOXING: The Samsung Galaxy S8+

  1. Phone looks awesome. I really enjoyed the raw nature of this live stream as it really shows how the setup process is. I can so relate to your remark on phone and font sizes. Guess we’re getting older which is a good thing. I love love love the big display. I assume the iphone 8 will be big too

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