Tech in your bed with the Eight Smart Mattress

Luria Petrucci 12.07.2016 4 comments

Tech in your mattress? It’s been coming for a while, and it’s continuing to move along with a new smart mattress called the Eight Smart Mattress. Will you be getting one?

Tech is entering every part of our lives in a big way, even helping us get better sleep at night.

There have been tech-filled mattresses for years now, but they’re starting to get interesting.

The Eight has 5 layers. A bunch of high density foam and memory foam and supportive transition foam and even reactive foam.

And then there’s the technology layer. It tracks your sleep trends. Your breathing. Your body temperature. It can tell when you’ve fallen deep and when you’re tossing and turning.

It’ll warm your bed up. And if your partner likes it a different temperature, it can adjust accordingly. Which I freakin’ love! But it is manual – you set the preferred temperature. It doesn’t automatically adjust from what I can tell.

Here’s why that would be important. I, like many other people, tend to feel cold when in bed, but in fact radiate heat. Much to our partner’s discomfort!

I wonder how this mattress would handle that. If I set it to a lower temperature to accommodate for my heat on the outside, would I feel colder? Or would it help balance out? That would be awesome if that’s possible!

It can connect to other smart home products through If this than that.

And it has a smart alarm. It’ll sense where you are in your sleep cycle. When you’re in a light sleep stage, it’ll wake you up. Instead of in full REM when it can be a jarring experience and actually put you in a bad mood!

So… it’s $950. What do you think? Do you want smart tech in your mattress? Leave a comment below!

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