Spotify VS Apple Music

David Foster 07.05.2017 4 comments

Ok, so the battle is on….Spotify VS Apple Music! I have been comparing these two for the last couple months. I have created playlists etc, and tried finding new music, and this is my experience.

I am curious…what have you found? Do you prefer Apple? Spotify? Something else? Let me know in the comments below!

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David Foster

I just live. For lots of things. Bacon being one. Tech is another. Music is also one. Coffee is pretty important too. Oh and my dog Abbey. Luria rates pretty high on this list too. She's at least in the top 10.

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4 Comments on "Spotify VS Apple Music"

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Think at the end of these versus videos at the end you should publish the GL winner with a graphic or give them dot scores.

Paul Dixon

I do sometimes use the free version of Spotify, but most of the time I use Apple Music – I think the main reason for that is because I’ve been using iTunes for so long. When it first came out Apple Music was confusing to use, but they have improved the design a lot. Spotify does seem better for making playlists, but that’s not something I do that much.