Review: Writing underwater with AquaNotes

Luria Petrucci 03.08.2017 1 comment

Let’s go underwater! There are two things I LOVE. My pen and paper. And water. Today the two things go hand in hand with the AquaNotes water proof paper notepad!

Now, I won’t be taking these AquaNotes with me when I go stand up paddleboarding, but I COULD…

These things aren’t new, but they’re probably new to you. It’s a waterproof notepad you can keep in the shower. I use it in the bath. Sometimes when I relax in the tub, my mind starts going crazy with ideas! If I didn’t CAPTURE those ideas, the world just might end! We can’t have that happen, can we?

To be honest, I’ve done a lot of research and while the AquaNotes aren’t the only option out there, they do seem to be the only option that works great and has long term success!

So, you get a pad with suction cups for securing to a shower wall, and a pencil. It can handle splashes of water. Or being dunked entirely in the bath. Literally – you can write underwater!

The pages are perforated so they tear off quite easily.

I will say… I tend not to reuse pages. For two reasons. One it does take a little extra work to erase, and I’ve found that erasing while it’s wet seems to work slightly better than when it’s dry. It just doesn’t wipe away as easily as it does with a normal pencil and paper. And I get lazy – not wanting to erase an entire sheet of thoughts.

But also, I tend to remove sheets and put them in my office – because I’ve just captured some brilliant thoughts and I need to take action on them! So then they just never make their way back.

I love these things. If you ever think in the shower or the bathtub… and you wish for a way to capture ideas. Or if worse… you risk your phone or laptop over the water… these things are for you! They’re $7 per pad. There are a couple options on Amazon from different sellers that cost more – so be sure to follow this link so you don’t pay more than you need to.

So tell me – leave a comment below – where do you do some of your best thinking?

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