REVIEW: The Logitech Create Smart Keyboard for the iPad

David Foster 08.09.2017 2 comments

Ok, so this isn’t actually a complete review, but more a first look. I have to say, I am REALLY liking this keyboard after only using it for a couple hours. I can type much faster, and don’t have to keep going back and correcting my errors. The Apple Smart Keyboard is almost too minimal for me, and I feel the pressure you have to place on the keys is a bit much. I don’t like the overall feel.

Here’s my first look, minimal review. But thinking about doing a full review, I am not sure what more I could cover. See below the video for my PRO/CON list.

Easy to type on
More useful keys than the Apple Smart Keyboard
Durable material
Can lay tablet down, and is perfect for drawing etc

Only one position when keyboard is out
Pretty heavy at over a pound, making my total weight over 2 lbs.

Plan to try one? You can pick one up an Amazon here:

If you pick one up, I would love to know what you think!

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