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David Foster 10.28.2016 4 comments

For the past 2 years, I have been in love with my MOTO X Pure Edition, but Motorola, or Lenovo, decided they weren’t going to make them anymore. They decided to go with the MOTO Z, which is modular, and that’s cool and all, but I am not on board… so I decided to move to a new phone… and ended up with the Samsung S7 Edge…

The story of my phones…

Ok, so going back to 2013, I found and fell in love with the Motorola MOTO X. It had features unlike any phone on the market, and was assembled in the US. That is also important to me. At the time, I was an iPhone user. I had tried several of the Samsung devices, including the non-explosive note… sorry Samsung… and I just hated the operating system.

Samsung seems to think I wanted all their crap apps on my phone eating up my already limited storage space. Well, they were wrong. So wrong in fact, that both times I tried to step away from Apple, I came running back like a scared kid watching IT for the first time.

This left a very bad taste in my mouth for Samsung, and made me never want to try them again… until I saw an ad for the S4. That phone made me want it. Bad. So again, I went into the store… AT&T at that time… and I got one.

At first I was ok with it, but after just a week, I was done. So, I went back to my iPhone, and gave the S4 to my son. And of course he loved it, because it was his first brand new phone.

Anyway, fast forward to the day I saw an ad where a guy said to his phone, that was laying on his night stand, Ok MOTO X, set an alarm for 8:00 AM. And the phone did it. Just like that. I had to see this. This is what I needed to take over the world! I mean… sorry… this is what I needed to SAVE the world…

So… once they were available, I ordered one… and I loved it. The axe chop to turn on the light…the shake to wake the camera…auto text when I was in meetings…I mean, this thing turned me into an efficient machine. Even more efficient than HAL5000!

In 2015, Motorola, now Lenovo for whatever reason, launched the MOTO X Pure Edition. This was by far one of the coolest looking phones I had ever seen. I just wanted to hold it, and hug it and pet it and name it George… ummmm sorry.

I just loved it. I have had this phone and it has been good to me, but it is starting to die. It is not holding a charge as long as it used to. It’s not waking when I say “Avengers Assemble” as well as it used to, and she is just showing her age… and so, I decided I must move on, so the quest began.

Could anything replace the MOTO X Pure Edition?

First, I looked at MOTO’s new option, the Z. I was curious, as it is modular, and that did pique my interest, but after watching several reviews, I decided that it just wasn’t for me. Camera is very important to me, and this one just does not deliver in that area. Motorola really never has.

So, I decided I would look back at the iPhone. The 7 Plus to be exact. This thing looks amazing with it’s dual cameras and cool colors, and with the new iOS 10, so many improvements, that I thought I would be able to make my way back to Apple…

I was also looking at the Samsung Note 7. But, for obvious reasons, I decided not to go with that one, and it’s official… Samsung has dropped that phone from the market… but I knew Samsung does VERY well with the camera. I was and AM a huge fan of the Samsung Galaxy Camera… so it just made sense.

Enter the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Well, after watching about 50 videos comparing the iPhone with the Samsung S7 Edge, and then finally taking a trip to Willy Wonka’s electronic factory… I mean Best Buy… and touching and playing with them and looking at the camera… I found several differences.

The iPhone, while it takes GREAT images, just did not have the color and vibrancy the S7 images have. They looked very clear, they just didn’t look as good. The S7 also focuses almost instantly, where the iPhone 7 Plus took a bit longer.

So, after playing for almost an hour walking back and forth…

I went with this bad boy…and damn is it beautiful!

Much to love

I got the silver. It actually looks like chrome. It feels so futuristic, and feels great in your hands.

When I first got it, I thought the edges were going to be hard to manage, but they actually really add to the experience. I love the way videos and images wrap around the corners. And let me tell you… this thing is snappy!

So, let’s talk about how this thing works. First of all, I love Android. I love it more than Apple for one reason. Customization!

I like custom stuff. I like stuff that just looks cool. And works how I want it to work. I don’t like anyone or anything to try and force me into the same box as everyone else, because I almost never fit.

So, I use an app called Nova Launcher. This thing is awesome, and well worth the upgrade of $4.99!

Just look at my home screen:


The only thing you see here are the apps that I use. I only need one screen. This way, I don’t have to shuffle through 6 different pages and a bunch of folders to try and access something.

I have all my icons arranged neatly, and make sure they don’t cover Cap’s face. Yes, I know… I am anal when it comes to clutter on my devices. Unlike some people (cough, Luria)

An awesome camera

Anywhooo… let’s talk about this phone’s best feature… the camera!

Samsung really knows cameras. Now, some will say that the camera uses too much saturation, but I am one who always goes in and adds that when I edit anyway, so it is perfect for me!

It has a 5 mp front facing camera for you selfie lovers out there, and a 12 mp rear camera that can also shoot amazing 4K video.

I also like that I can just double click the home button, and it opens the camera ready to shoot. That is handy, and is close to how quickly I could launch the camera on my X.

A great-looking phone

Now, let’s just look at how this thing looks. First of all, it has Gorilla Glass 4 on both sides, so you can drop it from short distances, and not worry about it shattering. This does not mean you can throw it to your friend across the way in a brick factory. You have been warned…

It has the volume knobs on the left and the power button on the right. It’s taking some getting used to not having the power button on the same side as the volume,, but hey…I can learn new things.

Some weakness on the speakers

The speakers are on the bottom, and don’t sound great. If I had one major gripe with this phone, that would be it. The MOTO X has 2 front facing speakers, and they sound great… so it appears Samsung does great on camera, but falls short on sound. But, you can just plug in your favorite pair of headphones and jam on, and yes… this one still has a headphone jack.

Snappy fingerprint scanning

Ok, let’s talk fingerprint scanner. I am personally not really worried about my phone and security and all that. Just never have been. But, I did set up and try the fingerprint scanner on this phone, and I have to say… it is just as fast as the one on the iPhone, which REALLY impressed me. Maybe one day I will have a need for it… soon I think I will look at having it replace my wallet by adding all of my cards to Samsung Pay. At that point, I will have fingerprint on it…but I am still not quite there.

Final thoughts

If anything could ever replace my beloved MOTO X Pure Edition, the S7 may just be the one. It’s a great looking phone, and the curved glass edges do great things for its appearance. The camera is awesome, and its preference for a bit of saturation saves me some time in post-processing. I wish it had better speakers, but I guess there has to be a weak spot somewhere. Overall, this is a fantastic phone.


Size: 149 x 72 x 7.62 mm (5.85 x 2.85 x 0.30 in)

Weight: 5.54 ounces

Display: 5.5-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED, 2,560×1,440 pixels


Storage: 32/64 GB, with SD card slot

Camera: Front 5MP, Rear 12MP

Battery: 3,600mAh

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Petra Verbruggen
Petra Verbruggen

I really loved this video. I will actually consider this phone if something happens to my iPhone.
For me the iPhone does make more sense just because a lot of gear are iOS only.
Great review, thanks David.


I hate back and bottom speakers. I’m look at the screen when I’m using it. Manufactures have to start putting them speakers on the front of the phone.

For what I do on a phone, it’s too expensive for me. For me, I wouldn’t spend over $150.