MOTO X PURE Edition Review

David Foster 09.21.2015 18 comments

Ok, so I have had this amazing phone in my hands for a week now, and well…I am just going to go ahead and say it…

This phone ROCKS! Here’s my complete review, and then at the bottom I have some sample pictures I have taken this week. I have 2 sections. 1 completely UN-edited pics and 2. edited ON the phone with the native editing tools.

Ok, so let’s do it! Here’s the video, and then be sure to check out the post below the video where I get into a bit more depth on features and such. Enjoy!


So, let’s start with design. This thing is designed very well. It fits into your hand VERY well. It even has a cool little dimple in the back where your index finger fits perfectly when you’re on the phone. This feature is something you hear a lot of people talk about who have these phones. They love it so much that even case manufacturers take it into consideration for their designs, leaving it accessible.



I ordered the ash wood back, with a white front. Now, this is REAL wood, and looks amazing! Just look at this wood grain with the green highlights I got…



Overall, for me personally, this phone fits my hand the best. It’s not too big and it’s not too small. It’s like the baby bear’s porridge….just right!!


Ok, now lets look at some of the amazing features this thing has…1st of all…they not have a 21MP rear camera. This thing is a MONSTER!



It also has a 5 MP wide angle lens and a flash on the FRONT of the camera for all those selfies you plan to take!





And for all you music lovers, it has 2 AWESOME front stereo speakers with what they are calling, and rightfully so, Smartboost…because I was actually surprised at how good they sound. If I am able to, I am listening to music, I do, and I could never handle listening via a phone because the twangy high treble crap sound…but these I can actually handle. Especially listening to videos with voice.

They also FINALLY upgraded the memory. So now, you can get either a 16GB, 32GB or 64GB with room for a card to expand up to an additional 128GB micro SD card of space…and THAT is awesome, and one of my main issues with the previous 2 editions. I was getting pissed with the first 2 because I was having to delete apps to install apps…and who wants to do that?? Not this guy! smile The SIM and the SD card both go into the top slot…


One of THE most awesome features of this phone is that fact that I can simply pick up the phone…and see all of my notifications. I can move my finger over them all to see more of the content within them. If I find something I want to respond to, I select that icon and push up. It then opens that app…like in the gif below…

Then once I have the phone open, I can swipe down from the top, which is a lollipop feature, and slide away my other notifications, or double tap them to open the app the notification came from.

The reason I like this is, I can be busy…yet still quickly see if I need to respond to something important. With any other phone I have had, you have to unlock the phone and open it to see anything. The LCD screen on this thing is VERY vibrant as well coming in at 5.7″ and 1440p Quad HD, which equates to 1440X2560…which is 520 pixels per inch. They also use Gorilla Glass 3, which honestly, is quite important these days.


So, I was skeptical about the battery. I had heard both good and bad as well as a couple meh’s…which are about the same thing as bad in my opinion…but this thing is equipped with a 3000 mAh battery, and says you can get about 10 hours of use in a 15 minute charge with the included TurboPower charger, and I can vouch for it. It works! I let the thing go for a little over 24 hours, and was still at 21% when I plugged it in. In 15 minutes I was at 63% battery. Now, the only downside is the TurboPower has to be plugged into 110…it is not USB. Other than that…


So, I already talked about the fact that it now has a 21MP rear camera, and 5MP front with flash, but you can also shoot 1080p at 60fps and 4K at 30fps as well as super slow mo. I will admit that the slow mo is nowhere near the 240fps the iPhone 6 delivers. I took this video of Luria with the MOTO X, and it looks and sounds great!!

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=””]

One thing I also want to mention…they actually give you a bumper for the phone…and well, when I first saw it, I was like HOLY HELL WHO DOES THAT! But then after several hours in my hand, I was like…ya that thing sucks and I am taking it off and putting it in Abbey the Chihuahua’s box of unwanted toys and chews. Just not worth it. I looked on Amazon, but there are not many cases out yet that interest me. Looks like most arrive around the end of the month (September).


So, as I said above…this is BY FAR the best phone I have ever laid my hands on. That may be a very bold statement, but it is one that I am confident making. I turned several people onto the MOTO X over the past few years, and when I went back to the iPhone a few months ago ( just to try the watch) those friends gave me a BUNCH of guff…calling me a traitor and a sell out. smile Well, it did not take me long to come back…not because of their constant name calling, but because I truly missed the experience. The MOTO X has changed the way I use a phone. It has revolutionized the market taking things we do on a constant basis these days, and making them no more than a wrist flick away or simply picking up the device…or not even picking it up at all.

So, if you want to know what I think you should do, I think you should think about the next time you get a chance to get a new phone on your network, try the MOTO X. It’s a PURE Android experience with a bunch of cool features that make that experience even better.

Do you have one? Plan on getting one? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Want one?? Just head on over to and use MotoMaker. It’s a cool process. You don’t even have to buy it to play with the designer to see what your X would look like. The 16GB starts at $399, the 32GB is $449 and the 64 is $499. You can add $25 if you want wood or leather on the back. Then add $5 and they will throw in a sim card for your carrier. That’s it. Phone is completely unlocked as well. I think because of Motorola, we will start to see more of this from the manufacturers, and I think that is GREAT! It takes away the ability for the carriers to add all of their crappy apps to your phone…at least it better!!! grin


So, let’s try this…if you plan on switching to this phone, lets tweet it out!!

Let's Geek Out!

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Charles Phillips
Charles Phillips

That is freaking awesome Siri can’t do any of that
Looks like I’m getting the Moto X pure
Thanks foster


Your passion for that phone is seriously making me question my life choices. Or at least my phone choices. Grrr…..


Charles Phillips
Charles Phillips

I’m a avid iPhone user for years after watching this video I just ordered my Moto X pure ????


You know that this phone is definitely in my thoughts!


All you need to do is die you hair and beard black. Then you’ll look like Willie Robinson.

Robert Carrasco
Robert Carrasco

I’m going to need to see a Moto X Pure vs. Nexus 6P soon. Price aside, I want a feature by feature comparison.