REACTION: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

David Foster 07.24.2017 8 comments

Ok…I have to say…this is pretty opinionated. smile You’ve been warned…

So…have you seen it yet? Plan to? If so, what did you think? If not, is my review going to change your mind? smile


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Paul Dixon
Geek Wrangler
Paul Dixon

Had a quick look at other reviews, most seem to agree that it looks pretty but there’s no substance. One critic seemed to love it though (Peter Sobczynski).

Dave Peterson
Geek Wrangler
Dave Peterson

It’s funny, I’m usually a stupidly soft touch for science fiction. Show me a space ship and I’m usually reaching for my wallet. But, for some reason, the trailers for this (which I saw A LOT) did nothing for me. At most they raised a “huh” from me. And now I’m feeling vindicated. Nice to know it can go on my “watch it on Netflix, some day, if I’m really bored and there are no more promising looking 1 star options” list.


Think we should pick more films we don’t think you’d like to watch to review wink

Paul Dixon
Paul Dixon

I already suggested The Emoji Movie smile