REACTION: The Defenders

David Foster 08.21.2017 3 comments

Ok, so I watched The Defenders this weekend, and I am just going to let you watch the video to see my reaction.

So? Have you seen it? Thoughts?

David Foster

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3 thoughts on “REACTION: The Defenders

  1. David, I agree–although I haven’t given up yet. I think maybe the most ridiculous scene that I think exemplifies your point is in Ep3. The Defenders all converge separately on Midland Circle. Rand is escorted to meet some executives — all of whom look way too young to be executives. Alexandra (All Hail, Sigourney Weaver!) enters the room for this lamely maniacal discourse, after which Alexandra reminds Rand that she can still take his life and signals the petite corporate stooge behind him to produce a pistol. Rand quickly disarms her and bluffs at using the stooge as a shield, but then Alexandra scoffs because *taa-daa!* those corporate executives weren’t really executives at all, but well trained warriors! A ridiculous fight follows with tranquilizer darts flying, and Rand is soon overcome in this “knife fight in a phone booth” close quarters battle that made no sense. In to save the day walks Cage who then absorbs full-auto real-bullet gunfire and gives Rand the upper hand (so to speak). The melee devolves further as Jones and Murdock join the fray and ends up a silly mess as Murdock senses Black Sky. In any case, all the motives for the physical fight are assumed like, “trust us, they should fight for reasons.” Then the whole point of their visit(s) is quickly lost as the awkward scene ends with Rand somehow saving the day that wouldn’t have required any saving if he had half a brain. The whole thing felt more like Monty Python than Marvel. Anyone who read the comics would just roll their eyes at the senseless and haphazard fight that “brought them all together for the first time.” I reacted the same way you did.

    • HAHA!! Yes, and there are SO many scenes where I am left feeling this way. And they try to deliver humorous lines at the most inopportune times…and able to have personal conversations while automatic bullets are whizzing by. So much of it is laughable, that I feel they are gearing this more toward Sharknado type audiences more so than hard core marvel fans.

      And I have to say, they make Jessica Jones look pretty bad, when she delivers her one liners that just don’t fit the scene, just to keep reiterating to us what a snob she is. So sad. When you are given keys to such an amazing comic, you should treat it like a rolls royce, and not a 1984 datsun 280zx., which in it’s day was a bad ass car, but now…not so much. 🙂

      • I just watched Ep4, and the restaurant scene was just disturbing. They *really* want us to know that the Defenders don’t want to be a super-team, but the evil deeds of The Appendage forced them to work together despite their misgivings. It asks us to simultaneously believe that these intrepid characters have insane super-powers, AND that none of them believe in the veracity of other people’s super-power potential. No, really–trust us–these guys don’t *want* to be awesome, but shit happens, and now we are totally justified in showing you how awesome they are. I get a certain level of that with the comics, e.g. The Punisher–PTSD coupled with hating everyone because your family is dead–but what person who’s struggled with discovering and applying their gifts to do good wouldn’t welcome a crew of like-gifted folks with which to commiserate? Let alone face their own crime-fighting goals? The *only* thing that made it better was Stick’s entrance. It felt good to see an adult was finally on the screen. 😉

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