Reaction: The Circle Movie 2017

David Foster 02.05.2018 6 comments

I watched this movie this weekend with Luria, and I thought it was going to just be “ok”, but I ended up really liking it. It really made me think. Hopefully it does you too!

So, have you seen this movie? If so, what did you think?

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René Christmann
René Christmann

I watched bought it today on Amazon and watched it. Oh, man the movie was great.


I think it’s a good point it brings up. The conundrum is that even if Google or Facebook or the government didn’t spy on us, nefarious hackers and criminals will and do. There’s a book about that by a former NSA guy called Spies Among Us by Ira Winkler, I think that’s his last name. Pretty much the entire world spies on the USA and citizens and our corporations. In that light I see our corporations and government as neighborhood watch and law enforcement on patrol. However, it kinda bugs me that Facebook might be watching me shower or whatever, since I read their app can randomly turn on the Mic and camera. That’s a bit much. But I would rather they did it because they’re easier to hold accountable than hackers or criminals or even some other country.


I too thought it was far better than the sneers given to by the critics. While not excellent, it was certainly very good and thought provoking. And, may I say a not so subtle indictment of modern day liberalism with its reliance on group think and public shaming of non-conforming thought. Like when the kid who made antler art was hunted down – point well made.