Reaction: The Circle Movie 2017

David Foster 02.05.2018 6 comments

I watched this movie this weekend with Luria, and I thought it was going to just be “ok”, but I ended up really liking it. It really made me think. Hopefully it does you too!

So, have you seen this movie? If so, what did you think?

David Foster

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6 thoughts on “Reaction: The Circle Movie 2017

  1. I think it’s a good point it brings up. The conundrum is that even if Google or Facebook or the government didn’t spy on us, nefarious hackers and criminals will and do. There’s a book about that by a former NSA guy called Spies Among Us by Ira Winkler, I think that’s his last name. Pretty much the entire world spies on the USA and citizens and our corporations. In that light I see our corporations and government as neighborhood watch and law enforcement on patrol. However, it kinda bugs me that Facebook might be watching me shower or whatever, since I read their app can randomly turn on the Mic and camera. That’s a bit much. But I would rather they did it because they’re easier to hold accountable than hackers or criminals or even some other country.

    • I certainly don’t agree on the government or law enforcement spying. I don’t think ANY of that should be going on anywhere. When you try to preemptively stop crime, you’re getting into dangerous ground. And I am not on board with it in any capacity. I don’t trust corporations or our government together as long as corporations are creating our laws and their own regulations. You get money out of politics, and stop allowing that to happen, and we can talk, but the power of the government NEEDS to be limited.

  2. I too thought it was far better than the sneers given to by the critics. While not excellent, it was certainly very good and thought provoking. And, may I say a not so subtle indictment of modern day liberalism with its reliance on group think and public shaming of non-conforming thought. Like when the kid who made antler art was hunted down – point well made.

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