NAB 2017: Boxcast brings you 4K live streaming for under $1000

David Foster 05.04.2017 2 comments

So, Boxcast sent me a review unit of their streaming hardware. I have to say, when I looked at it, it was so small that I wondered how well it was actually going to work. Well, truth is…I have not tested it. Yet. But when they sent it to me, they said that they had something new coming. Something BIG…and well, I hear that all the time.

Well, when I got to their booth at NAB, I found the Boxcaster Pro, and I have to say I was VERY impressed. #1, with the design, and #2 the price. 4k streaming @60fps for $995. Now THAT is amazing!

Check out the video:

So…do you stream? Will you now? Be sure to go check them out. Just head to: and tell them David from Geeks Life sent you!

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2 thoughts on “NAB 2017: Boxcast brings you 4K live streaming for under $1000

  1. We have used Boxcast for almost 2 years now and they are great. When we first started with them very early on and have watched them grow and gain new features. Our small church has a lot of people who would like to watch our services but can’t either due to health, age, or schedules but it was difficult and expensive to get started. I met the Boxcast guys at a National Worship Leader Conference and new immediately that this was our answer. It’s affordable, easy and it just works!

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