I’m going to be talking Politics!

Hey Geek! If you have been following me for any amount of time you know that I am kinda passionate about politics. I have wanted to start my own Political Podcast for a LONG time…like 8+ years…and I am finally going to be doing it. But as a co-host with one of my friends/clients Clayton Morris.

Clayton is an old Fox News host, and man oh man has he changed since those days. If he was still a typical “Fox News guy” I would most likely not be able to do a show with him…but he isn’t. He’s a very cool, laid back guy. He was actually the tech guy on Fox, so we have a lot in common and know a lot of the same people.

I have been producing his show for a couple months now and he wants to take it to the next level and asked me to join him…so after much thought I have decided to do it.

One downside is I will now have to get up at 5AM to get ready for the show. That is going to be kinda nutty, but should be ok. Once I get into a routine I am good.

So if you want to follow along and see how it goes, you can join us starting November 2nd at 6:00 AM EST RIGHT HERE. Would love to see you over there! Join the CIVIL conversation! 😉

Also, we will be in need of mods if anyone is interested. Just let me know in the comments below.

Happy politicking! 😀

5 thoughts on “I’m going to be talking Politics!”

  1. This is awesome David… I will be following along for sure!! I may definitely want to mod, let’s talk on Thurs.

  2. I’ll definitely try to watch but mornings are usually tied up with my daughter. I hope this takes off and you get some additional guests like Fr. Robert R. Ballecer on the show. It’s not his normal thing but he is well informed on Twitter.🤔

  3. kimberly delgado

    It’s very funny how people who made $100 dollars in unemployment get the $300 extra bucks while my family and I have to live off $320 a month
    Because we didn’t make over $100 before Trump finally admitted this covid-19 is real
    Another kick in the teeth by a man that in some way studders
    In-between his words

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