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  1. I've heard that thing is almost the size if that Briefcase in your GIF
  2. Thanks for the welcome! I could tell that it is a great community from the start.
  3. My apologies, I reacted earlier to your. Did't realize I was throwing the Bird, went back and changed to a thumbs up!

  4. My apologies, I reacted earlier to your post about the Mac. Did't realize I was throwing the Bird, went back and changed to a thumbs up!

  5. From a newbie's perspective I have been blown away by the professionalism of a few streamers. Obviously David is one of them. Seeing the behind the scenes of his set up, WOW! I like others know a few crews with outrageous budgets who look like total crap compared to you guys. Anxious to learn! P.S. Sorry for offending anyone thus far Been giving Thumbs up all morning not realizing I was throwing the middle finger. LOL
  6. So as my user name suggests, I am old-fashioned so the whole online tech gig is a whole new learning experience for me. Little background: 47 year old service connected disabled vet, 3rd 278th ACR 19 kilo ( for the non military Geeks That means I used to get to blow stuff up with the M1A1 Tank) Honorably discharged 2005 due to Heart issues while serving active duty during Operation Enduring Freedom Previously owned a small Asphalt Paving company Perry's Paving, had to shut that down due to the health condition above Currently a Licensed Massage Therapist that works wit
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