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  1. My apologies, I reacted earlier to your. Did't realize I was throwing the Bird, went back and changed to a thumbs up!

  2. Put it in the Live Video portion of the forums and link it to a Google Drive/Suite or Dropbox. I'm good with that
  3. @David, what did you like most about Invision community and what was your goal when you picked it?
  4. Wow, that was a beast and the price as well. What are then new specs for the machine that is half price?
  5. David, Have you thought about sharing how to "produce shows" for others from A-Z? I've done a few during COVID-19 via Zoom and been a MOD for an LA Wordpress Conference (which they used Blaze Networks to produce). I'd love to learn from your experience in this area. Thoughts?
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