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  1. My apologies, I reacted earlier to your post about the Mac. Did't realize I was throwing the Bird, went back and changed to a thumbs up!

  2. So I’ve had my new M1 Mac for two days now, here’s what I’ve found. it is fast, - it’s instantly on, like an iPhone is instantly on. some stuff doesn’t work (yet), you can’t do virtual machines yet, though I understand this is in the works. you can run iPad apps, which is cool and weird! the sound is amazing too. if you do development work, things like Ruby, home brew don’t work properly. Rosetta2 is pretty seamless, though my creative cloud has crashed a few times, I’m sure this will get fixed soon. the battery lasts all day for normal use (ie not inten
  3. Wow thanks for all this info Paul! I like David’s idea of capturing these through a capture card and streaming them, will have to look into that too! You might have seen my Mac classic in the unboxing video - I have a tonne of original retro machines; zx spectrum (timex in the US), BBC micro, original gameboy and gameboy color, and lots of old Apple computers!
  4. I think there is also a huge difference in managing a live situation and being able to stop and record everything. I once listened to a behind the scenes recording of a podcaster and Youtuber I follow (bright sun films) and he re-records almost every line! That would never work live! And that means a whole load of different skills when presenting live. You make this look easy when live-streaming!
  5. It’s a great series; I didn’t think something to do with Chess would be this engaging. Anya Taylor-Joy is really great. I do wonder if people who actually know the chess moves will watch this and cringe or if it’s all legit moves.
  6. I’d like to do more retro gaming and am wondering what people think are the best platforms? I’ve used retro pi and mame to name two. Or is this sacrilege, and should only be played on original machines? What do you think?
  7. What’s your delivery date for the M1 MacBook Pro? Mine is 26 November.
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