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  1. Have you seen the BlackPink documentary on Netflix (I think)? It is really something how they put these groups together. The marketing and research that goes into it. They have camps of kids who all contend to be in these groups.
  2. I have been attending ProFusion 2020 today and there is an anomaly I have noticed.... that is they can't live stream. With all of the big tech they have, I mean hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gear, they have no idea how to stream. I just wanted to put that out there and maybe we can talk about how we are at the forefront of the next revolution in video production.
  3. Yes I do have a channel set up there. I streamed on Twitch when YouTube had me suspended for copyright music in my stream for 5 months. I had a lot of fun doing it but nobody from YouTube came over. I do plan on going back to Twitch when I can do this more full time and have a larger audience on YT to draw from.
  4. I usually pick a movie out to watch with my son every second Friday. A movie that is a classic, this Friday I am showing him In The Mouth Of Madness. He's 13 now and I am a proud papa! We watch a lot of horror movies together as well and I would say the Conjuring Universe is our favorite.
  5. alright David, I am subbed to tier 1 on Twitch. Man I was logged in on my son's account and subbed for 6 months, I had Twitch do a refund and told them what happened. I logged back in my name and subbed.
  6. Does the new iPhone have a Lidar camera?
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