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  1. nomore

    Returning my iMac!

    your Welcome David.
  2. nomore

    Returning my iMac!

    are you happy now david. I update my profile. don't need any stinking profile.
  3. Good luck apple boy. Hope it works out. if not you can return it. your good at that David.
  4. nomore

    Returning my iMac!

    maybe later. when I feel like it David. Who needs stinking profiles.
  5. David get ready to walk fast the zombies are coming.
  6. oh I forget at your age. running is out of the question.
  7. nomore

    Returning my iMac!

    I'm in shock. David returning somthing. what is the world coming too.
  8. Sorry young sammy. But David is the OG apple boy. yes he uses other tech. But he always run home to mother apple.
  9. Apple boy can handle any size.
  10. Have fun with your phone. Apple boy.
  11. Whatever makes you happy and works for the best. I will be there.
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