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  1. a much as I make fun of you at times. your a good guy David. Just don't tell anybody.
  2. David has a good point.
  3. Welcome. These is great place for help and the community is supper.
  4. Ya I will skip it for now.
  5. I heard good thing and Bad things about this movie. I have HBO MAX. So I can see it if I want too. But I have no desire to see now.
  6. I just finished watching it. It was a little slow at first. But then it picked . I enjoyed it.
  7. Sound ok. I may give the series a try.
  8. Thanks for the infro. I enjoy your podcast. I may not always agree with everything you say. But I enjoy hearing all sides of a issue. Keep up the good work.
  9. website looks great david.
  10. If you don't return something or cancel something you wouldn't be david. we still love you and your work. keep it up.
  11. Another P.C. great David. it's also a monster. your turning away from the side(apple) slowly good for you.
  12. Thanks for the update David. I wish luria and you the best of luck in your separate projects. I will continue to support you both.
  13. That great David. tracking the build sounds cool.
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