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  1. I finally got my delivery date. December 7th. 🥺 I'm looking forward to testing it editing in final cut. Then I may also see how it goes using luma fusion.
  2. David

    Retro Apple Computer

    You could spend that money on so many better things for your streams. That's the kind of things you buy once you're making good money as a streamer. 😜 So my vote is no. Save your money for stuff that pushes your content forward.
  3. I think you're right @Paul. I've seen people already talking about leaks of the M2. Maybe they'll have the P series. You know. For pro. 😜
  4. Yeah. I was kinda surprised i liked it to be honest.
  5. I had no idea this world even existed. Is it possible to pull these games into a PC via a capture card and stream them? All of a sudden I think I want to try to stream playing old Atari games. Possible?
  6. That's cool! Appreciate that! I wish I had the patience for LEGO these days
  7. yes. Just head here and subscribe to it, and then ask her to play it for you... https://podcasts.google.com/
  8. Here's Episode 1! What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!
  9. That may be a good question for @Paul. He is into Retro stuff.
  10. David

    iPhone 12 Pro Max vs 12 Mini

    This album consists of images taken from the 12 Pro Max and the 12 Mini. Let's compare!
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