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  1. That may be a good question for @Paul. He is into Retro stuff.
  2. David

    iPhone 12 Pro Max vs 12 Mini

    This album consists of images taken from the 12 Pro Max and the 12 Mini. Let's compare!
  3. The problem is Apple themselves. The current iMacs and MacBook Pros have PLENTY of power and specs to stream, however Apple locks down encoding to a single item at a time. So, if they don't open that up on the new M1 chip MacBooks, then it will be no better than the current even with all that added power/efficiency. Apple is famous for keeping things closed. BASTARDOS!
  4. Yeah. I am pretty excited about it. I am hoping I can change my workflow and get back to using Final Cut on a Mac so I can edit my vlogs. I LOVE using Luma Fusion on iPad, but the workflow falls apart on uploading and managing AFTER the fact. With the MacBook Pro, I will be able to have my same workflow I had before when I was CONSTANTLY frustrated by videos locking up during edit etc. I HATED that! If this fixes that, it will make me want to edit videos again! I actually ENJOY editing, but not when it's a frustrating experience. Based on all the reviews I have seen on YouTube, this
  5. Mine is the same. In the past, I have generally gotten things early, but since this is a new product that probably won't be the case. I am really looking forward to it though. I am hoping that a 13" MacBook Pro could be my traveling streaming rig with Ecamm. That would make me very happy!
  6. I had a VERY popular TV show reach out to me because they had no idea how to run a stream from their home. They were shocked. They were expecting me to tell them it would cost them tens of thousands of dollars, and when I told them they were floored. I mean, when Trevor Noah first started streaming from home it looked like he was using a Logitech C920...and maybe he was...but you would think these guys production teams would know this. I helped Matti Haapoja, a YouTuber, wit his initial live stream set up and he did not realize they could use all their C200's etc. So yeah, it is a pretty
  7. you say covering, but you mean just dancing too their song? So, is K-Pop a combo of dancing and singing, or is K-Pop where they dance to other people's songs?
  8. Do all k-pop bands have like 20 members in them? That seems like it would be crazy to choreograph.
  9. I am actually VERY excited about this. The cool thing is, a lot of the programs we are seeing people use are running on emulators, and not even native yet and they are blazing fast. That just means once those apps catch up and run natively, we are going to see some amazing numbers. I have the 13" MacBook Pro coming at the end of November. I also ordered one of the Mac Mini's for Live Streaming Pros. I am looking forward to version 2 though. Once they get all the kinks worked out, and can support more RAM, I think we are going to see some amazing shit! The one thing I am wondering how
  10. David

    Returning my iMac!

    Hey @nomorewhy don't you add a profile image? Guess I may have to make it mandatory!
  11. Nope. I walk. Running is only for when you're being chased by zombies.
  12. David

    Returning my iMac!

    I can guarantee you'll see a difference there LOL People are seeing a major difference even between these and the latest 16's. I am quite excited now LOL.
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