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  1. Soon, I will be doing a review of the NEW iPhone 12 Pro Max! Here's the UNBOXING stream I did on Twitch... UPDATE: Ok phones are IN HAND! That means I will be working on the reviews. We also grabbed the Mini for Jennifer. She LOVES it so far. Personally, as I do find the Max to be HUGE, it is not too bad. I THINK I could get used to it. We will see. Stay tuned! I am working on a video with it called "Will I keep It". I think that may become a series!
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  2. Well, I did it. I bought into the HYPE even though I told myself I wouldn't... BUT...after seeing many reviews and seeing it in the hand of some YouTubers now I am a bit more confident I made a good decision. For live streaming, as some of you know, I am 100% PC, however for everything else I prefer Mac. My video and content creation flow is very Mac heavy. I would love to be able to edit in Final Cut X and not have issues like I do on my iMac. I COULD grab my iPad Pro and edit with Luma Fusion, but I constantly run into issues...for instance, my new intro will have a tran
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