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Apple M1 MacBook Pro, initial thoughts

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So I’ve had my new M1 Mac for two days now, here’s what I’ve found.

it is fast, - it’s instantly on, like an iPhone is instantly on.

some stuff doesn’t work (yet), you can’t do virtual machines yet, though I understand this is in the works.

you can run iPad apps, which is cool and weird!

the sound is amazing too.

if you do development work, things like Ruby, home brew don’t work properly.

Rosetta2 is pretty seamless, though my creative cloud has crashed a few times, I’m sure this will get fixed soon.

the battery lasts all day

for normal use (ie not intensive live streaming) it runs cool, if not cold - no fans.

not had the fans come on when using ecamm, though I’ve not gone live for very long, yet.

the screen is a lot brighter and more contrasted than  the previous model I have  (2016).

it’s a bit small in the screen real estate.

it has two thunderbolt 4 ports and a headphone Jack - that’s it.


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I finally got my delivery date. December 7th. 🥺 I'm looking forward to testing it editing in final cut. Then I may also see how it goes using luma fusion. 

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David Foster | Geek 


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