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Filthy Frank To Joji

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I wanted to share this with you guys and see what you all think of George Miller. I have been a HUGE fan of him for almost a decade now and followed him into his sensational music career from his role on YouTube as Filthy Frank. In his post secondary school studies he started a YouTube persona that revolutionized YouTube. Because of the changing times and how YouTube has become very censored his transition was perfectly timed. 

He spent his time and money perfecting his true passion of music. This poor dude had a massive break down because of how Filthy Frank went with all of the hate and drama that came along with that truly misunderstood character. I am just very happy and inspired to see someone like him, a very good person, make something and not give in to hate. 

If you follow up on him and like his story as much as I did tell me what you like best! I do believe that most of you will really like his music and music videos as Joji and get a hell of a laugh out of his older Filthy Frank videos! My favorite platform is YouTube and this is a huge piece of it's history that not too many know of anymore. 








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