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Pro Film Makers Can't Live Stream!

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I have been attending ProFusion 2020 today and there is an anomaly I have noticed.... that is they can't live stream. With all of the big tech they have, I mean hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gear, they have no idea how to stream.  I just wanted to put that out there and maybe we can talk about how we are at the forefront of the next revolution in video production.  

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2 hours ago, ConstructionKronies said:

I mean hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gear, they have no idea how to stream.

I had a VERY popular TV show reach out to me because they had no idea how to run a stream from their home. They were shocked. They were expecting me to tell them it would cost them tens of thousands of dollars, and when I told them they were floored. I mean, when Trevor Noah first started streaming from home it looked like he was using a Logitech C920...and maybe he was...but you would think these guys production teams would know this.

I helped Matti Haapoja, a YouTuber, wit his initial live stream set up and he did not realize they could use all their C200's etc. So yeah, it is a pretty big opportunity. I get irritated when I see these guys with all the money in the world, with EPIC looking videos whose streams look like little turds floating down a river of gloom...

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David Foster | Geek 


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I think there is also a huge difference in managing a live situation and being able to stop and record everything. I once listened to a behind the scenes recording of a podcaster and Youtuber I follow (bright sun films) and he re-records almost every line! That would never work live! And that means a whole load of different skills when presenting live. You make this look easy when live-streaming!

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From a newbie's perspective I have been blown away by the professionalism of a few streamers. Obviously David is one of them. Seeing the behind the scenes of his set up, WOW! I like others know a few crews with outrageous budgets who look like total crap compared to you guys. Anxious to learn! 

P.S. Sorry for offending anyone thus far Been giving Thumbs up all morning not realizing I was throwing the middle finger. LOL 


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