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Lost Puppy looking for guidance!

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So as my user name suggests, I am old-fashioned so the whole online tech gig is a whole new learning experience

for me.

Little background:

47 year old service connected disabled vet, 3rd 278th ACR 19 kilo ( for the non military Geeks That means I used to get to blow stuff up with the M1A1 Tank) Honorably discharged 2005 due to Heart issues while serving active duty during Operation Enduring Freedom

Previously owned a small Asphalt Paving company Perry's Paving, had to shut that down due to the health condition above

Currently a Licensed Massage Therapist that works with Special Needs clients ( recently had to close due to health and Covid) 

Now What do I want to be when I grow up?

Due to the above, income lately has been slim. I see the need to develop an online presence. I have actually spent a lot of time brainstorming ideas and researching niches and honestly have had Analysis Paralysis due to total information overload. (Shiny Object Syndrome hasn't served me well either) It's probably been a blessing in disguise that I have had such a limited budget.

I have been associated with a few non-profits mostly centered around Special Needs individuals as well as Sufferers of PTSD. I plan to use my online presence to help as many non-profits as possible. One way I have worked with these groups is Teaching Blacksmithing ( I have plans of bringing this online 2021)

 Another more recent passion is developing a group focused on anxiety, depression, addiction, and suicide prevention. I have always wanted to be more proactive in this area due to many family members as well as friends dealing with those issues. However the topic became much more personal for my family June 21st 2018 We lost our 28 year old son to a drug overdose. This tragedy has caused me to do some serious soul searching as to what I want to do with the rest of my life. 

#1 I want to be of Service 

#2 I want to create value in people's lives

#3 I want to TEACH

#4 I want to Inspire others to Keep on Keeping on

#5 Whenever My time here on this earth is up I want to be able to look back and say I gave it my all.

Ok so I didn't intend to write a book here. Sorry!(Please don't red flag me! I promise this is in no way my normal)

So here I am looking for advice. 

I obviously have to get out of Research mode and focus more on Development, although I am glad that research allowed me to find one of David's live streams.

I need advice on all things Streaming among other tech stuff

Understand, up until a few days ago I knew nothing. Twitch... to me was a body movement. Discord.. I had never heard of it. Obviously a person doesn't have a clue what they don't know until what they don't know has been brought to their attention.

So I guess first of all, so as to save you guys from ever having to read such a long post from me again What I could really use is some cheat sheets. 

Knowing what you know now if you were starting over what would your work flow chart look like? What equipment would be an absolute got to have? List of budget friendly resources for said equipment. I'm sure there are forums etc where folks that have upgraded make available their old gear at discount.

If you found yourself wanting to get into this arena and yet you had very little experience and an extremely low budget what and where would you be focusing your attention and efforts.

What are the most important sites and channels to learn?

What are the most important skillsets a person needs to develop?

I figure those of you who have experience can save a newbie such as myself countless hours roaming around not knowing what to look for or where to look. 

Thanks in advance for your expert advice.

Jason Perry

The Old Fashioned Trader






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First of all, thank you for your service, respect👊 there is a lot of resources available to you to help along the way. Your in one of the right spots here. If you want to dive deep into it, start with Tim Schmoyer of Video Creators, Dan Currier of Creator Fundamentals, Darell Eves, Nick Nieman and your already here with David so I am assuming you know Luria as well. The above people will help you a lot and so will we!

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