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Setting up the GoXLR with Vmix

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Hi David

I hope you can help me.

I have looked everywhere and in the LSP groups and training but don't seem to be able to find anywhere that explains how to set up the GoXLR on Vmix.

I saw your video on how to set up the mic etc but haven't seen anything on the exact steps in Vmix.

I have the mini (I didn't get the full one - my wife said I wasn't cool enough to change my voice etc  LOL).

I thought I had set it up correctly with the info I had but the levels etc don't seem to be right plus I wanted to use the sliders to control the level of audio etc which I think is something that you do?

I did a live stream on FB today with the timers etc and I thought everything was set correctly but the music sounded awful as if it was playing on top of each other and sometimes people have said that the mic is a little low as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I will do a video showing the set-up next week. Getting ready to travel today. Stay tuned! It's actually quite easy. One thing that I can tell you to do for now is turn off the headphones for all sources when using the GoXLR by clicking on the gear icon in the audio mixer section. You should see a green headphone icon. Click that and it should turn gray. That means it's off. Then you should at least not get an echo...I will try to get the rest early next week.


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David Foster | Geek 


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