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Apple Silicon - Discussion thread


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Apple announced their first Macs with the new Apple Silicon chips on November 10th.

Three devices was released with their new M1 chip, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13" and Mac mini, deliveries started November 17th across the world. 

What is your opinion about this?


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I am actually VERY excited about this. The cool thing is, a lot of the programs we are seeing people use are running on emulators, and not even native yet and they are blazing fast. That just means once those apps catch up and run natively, we are going to see some amazing numbers.

I have the 13" MacBook Pro coming at the end of November. I also ordered one of the Mac Mini's for Live Streaming Pros. I am looking forward to version 2 though. Once they get all the kinks worked out, and can support more RAM, I think we are going to see some amazing shit!

The one thing I am wondering however is what they will do for live streaming. Current Macs are locked for encoding, and they don't really give developers access to what they need in order to make their apps more efficient. That is one of the first things I plan to test when I get it.

I am also excited to see how this thing runs Big Sur. This new OS is really amazing looking!

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David Foster | Geek 


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I got a Mac mini delivered today, base specifications, 8GB unified memory and 256GB SSD.

I'm impressed with the general performance of this little thing, it does feel more snappy than my MacBook Pro 16" (i9 2,3Ghz, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD and Radeon Pro 5500M 8GB) with normal tasks. Applications feel more snappy when I open them, they are pretty much instantly open.

If I want to get a new Mac with the M1 chip, it does look like I would have to get one with 16GB RAM though, 8GB is a bit tight with my habits. 



I do like that silver is back, though! After having rocked Space Gray for multiple years, I feel ready to go back to silver, as it's more timeless, and not so common.


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Looking forward to a Silicon-based iMac or a Mac mini Pro - I think that could be one reason why they went back to silver with this M1 mini, they could save space grey for a more powerful model.

Either of the new M1 laptops could be a good replacement for my 2013 13" MacBook Pro.

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