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Did anyone else see this movie?  I had a good friend give a really bad review so I skipped this in the theaters but thought a little differently about it when I watched it a few days ago.  I think the movie reached for some type of higher intellectual premise much like they did in “Tree of Life” which was another really weird and slightly disturbing.  

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Well I can tell you my wife and her dad watched it when he was up visiting and they really did not like it. I still haven't seen it myself but I am always curious about movies with bad reviews or good reviews and see if I agree in the end. I try to figure out why its bad or good and learn something. I watch movies for the sets, props, costumes, lighting, sfx .. I love movies Lol maybe a bit intense but I have been like that forever. My dream is still to direct feature films.

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I watched it and actually liked it. It's definitely not on my TOP movies list, but I found it entertaining. Plus the scenes felt very realistic. Especially the scene with the rover chase. Pretty cool. But I don't think many of my friends would like it, and I KNOW Jennifer would not like it.

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