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What to take with you on a shoot while filming a contract job.



Man, I have this smaller contract but because its exactly what I need for content I gave them a good price and plan to film everything I do. I am building 2 1 hr fire rated rooms around the electrical and mechanical equipment in a big industrial sandblasting shop. This is the largest scale filming I have planned since starting my channel. A bit nervous, started out today the.first day working all on my own filming myself lol. 





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@Dr_ELO Thanks my good man! How are you doing anyways? @RudiI brought way too much gear and I haven't even had the opportunity to pull out my main rig yet but that is coming this week. I shot a ton of BROLL this week with my GoPro and took photos. This is the challenging part because we are there to build the walls first and I can't be seen messing with camera gear all day long. It takes time to set up and frame a shot with my blackmagic so I have to be be very choosy and coordinate with the owners so they know whats up. 

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