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PLAN: 2021 and BEYOND!



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Well...I have been thinking for several weeks. Playing with NEW Facebook features and observing the user experience, and after a LOT of thought and deliberation I have decided what we are going to do. Some of you are going to love it. Some of you may hate it. But one thing is for sure...we are ALL going to have a much better experience in the long run.

So, I have tested the Facebook API as well as YouTube and have found that we cannot have single login for the website/forums with either of these and pull your memberships over with them to give you access to members only content. However there is ONE platform that WILL let me to allow you to login and get access to different levels of the forum etc based on your subscription level on the platform...and you'll never guess what platform that is...


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Oh...wait...they went under. Ok no. It's Twitch. Now, I know what you're thinking. Damn it dude! Again? And all I can say to that is yes. I am sorry, but yes.

I am SO excited about bringing this all back in a real way, but the experience HAS to be good for all of us. That is THE most important thing to me.

So starting next week, all streams will take place on Twitch. I will still honor the Facebook commitment until I get all the members there moved over. But I will be shutting off the ability to sign up new on Facebook Memberships effective immediately. 

Unfortunately, again, Facebook has proven to be a poor user experience. I have had many complaints of no notifications and the group is hard to find, and I can't even get the mods over to manage the group.

So I will still use Facebook and YouTube to post the vlogs, reviews and recorded videos, as well as on the site for members, so that we can still grow the community, but all memberships will be hosted on the site via Twitch since most people have an Amazon Prime account.

Plus the chat experience on Twitch is far superior to any of the other platforms. And we will be able to embed it on the website with the video player for those that don't want to hang out on Twitch.

AND we will also still be able to keep Discord and give access based on Twitch levels there as well. 

That just feels like it will make for the best experience for us all. Please let me know what you think in the comments below. I am very curious. Seriously. Even if you're pissed. I want to know. 

So now I have to get to programming the site to work. You can go to https://twitch.tv/G33ksL1f3 and follow the channel. 

Ok, that is all for now. I will be doing some streams this week..on Twitch...to update you on the site snd to talk about what my plans are, so stay tuned.

See you there!

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12 hours ago, nomore said:

Whatever makes you happy and works for the best. I will be there.

Well, I KNEW you would be! :davidthumb:

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alright David, I am subbed to tier 1 on Twitch. Man I was logged in on my son's account and subbed for 6 months, I had Twitch do a refund and told them what happened. I logged back in my name and subbed.  

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2 hours ago, ConstructionKronies said:

I was logged in on my son's account and subbed for 6 months

DAMN! Well, at least the took care of you. :davidthumb: Look forward to seeing you on stream!! Are you streaming on Twitch as well?

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Yes I do have a channel set up there. I streamed on Twitch when YouTube had me suspended for copyright music in my stream for 5 months. I had a lot of fun doing it but nobody from YouTube came over. I do plan on going back to Twitch when I can do this more full time and have a larger audience on YT to draw from. 

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Hi David been lurking around the web site today. you did a great job. a great community here. best of luck in 2021 and beyond.

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Still waiting for the new stuff in 2021. Home page is down all other sections are working on these web site. how are things going David.

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Yes...I am changing things up to a different system. This system will be going away in the near future so stay tuned. I LOVE this platform but it just does not tie in well for what we are wanting to do moving forward. 

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