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EP3: Let's Talk About This Vaccine! This is SERIOUS!



I know this isn't very geeky, but this is a conversation worth having. What I am hearing on the media these days about this vaccine is scaring me. And maybe it should worry you as well. 

What do YOU think? Does this concern you at all? Do you feel I am being hyperbolic? If so, you are in a safe place. Let me know how you feel.

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1 hour ago, mikedhill said:

Canada gave everyone affected $2,000 per month from April to October

That is what the US should have done as well. We have eviction moratorium that ends December 31st with about 20 million people facing homelessness. 

Our government passed the Cares Act, which transferred $5 TRILLION to the wealthiest companies in the US and gave the people a one time $1200 and $600/mo extra unemployment benefits for 3 months.

The Cares act was a smack in the face. And now they are not doing anything else. The Bill that was just proposed by Democrats isn't even as much as the bill the Republicans proposed before the election.

Ugh! :D 

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23 hours ago, mikedhill said:

Canada also gave small businesses some type of rent-relief and a few other things to help keep the lights on.

I was actually just reading a tweet about this...

So sad. The US...which is considered the richest country in the world, doesn't do JACK SHIT for the population. We still, to this day, are providing $1 Trillion a DAY in relief to large banks...while the people can't eat, pay rent or any bills for that matter. And some have people convinced that it's just because those people are "lazy".

We're so divided in this country. I feel like a civil war is inevitable at this point.

The US is screwed. Our economy can't take much more of this. We are headed to another depression, but by all means...let's keep giving Wallstreet money. :D 

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Thanks for the infro. I enjoy your podcast. I may not always agree with everything  you say. But I enjoy hearing all sides of a issue. Keep  up the good work.

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