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EP2- The iPhone 12 Pro Max VS iPhone 12 Mini! Again?



Yeah yeah, I know. Make up your damn mind David. I get it. You all think I change phones like underwear, but the truth is I don't. I just make a big deal about it when I DO change, because if I am going to be spending as much as $1300 on a phone, it better be damn near perfect.

I am NOT looking for perfect, because I know that doesn't exist. I still feel like it could...it just doesn't because these damn manufacturers don't listen to their userbase enough. The experiment too much for my taste. Just give me a sleek phone that does all I need it to do flawlessly. Simple. :D 

So, here it is...Episode #2. Recorded this in the studio while streaming, because why not?

What say you in the comments? @Rudidid you pull the plug yet? 

FOCOS APP: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/focos/id1274938524

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