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    Returning my iMac!

    your Welcome David.
  3. Hello. I am here And not new but new to this group once again. Don't even remember the name I once used LOL.

    Anyhow, Hello to all :)

    1. David


      It doesn't even matter LOL! Welcome to the club! :D 

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  5. That may be a good question for @Paul. He is into Retro stuff.
  6. Word! Streaming was great with my Intel Macbook Pro. My only problem were the fans. They were loud a F. Hopefully the cooler M1 chip resolves the issue. If not, I always have my beast of a PC for streaming. #vMix4Life
  7. David

    iPhone 12 Pro Max vs 12 Mini

    This album consists of images taken from the 12 Pro Max and the 12 Mini. Let's compare!
  8. The problem is Apple themselves. The current iMacs and MacBook Pros have PLENTY of power and specs to stream, however Apple locks down encoding to a single item at a time. So, if they don't open that up on the new M1 chip MacBooks, then it will be no better than the current even with all that added power/efficiency. Apple is famous for keeping things closed. BASTARDOS!
  9. Indeed. I am super pumped and thanks you for returning so many macs haha. I never knew you could return a mac for a full refund. I am very excited to edit in Final Cut Pro. I tried to use it on my Intel MacBook Pro and the scrubbing sucked, even though it did the work better than a PC. I am also excited to live stream on it. If the M1 MacBook Pro does so well with other more intensive tasks, I am sure it will be a beast for live streaming. We shall see!
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  11. nomore

    Returning my iMac!

    are you happy now david. I update my profile. don't need any stinking profile.
  12. I think there is also a huge difference in managing a live situation and being able to stop and record everything. I once listened to a behind the scenes recording of a podcaster and Youtuber I follow (bright sun films) and he re-records almost every line! That would never work live! And that means a whole load of different skills when presenting live. You make this look easy when live-streaming!
  13. It’s a great series; I didn’t think something to do with Chess would be this engaging. Anya Taylor-Joy is really great. I do wonder if people who actually know the chess moves will watch this and cringe or if it’s all legit moves.
  14. I’d like to do more retro gaming and am wondering what people think are the best platforms? I’ve used retro pi and mame to name two. Or is this sacrilege, and should only be played on original machines? What do you think?
  15. Yeah. I am pretty excited about it. I am hoping I can change my workflow and get back to using Final Cut on a Mac so I can edit my vlogs. I LOVE using Luma Fusion on iPad, but the workflow falls apart on uploading and managing AFTER the fact. With the MacBook Pro, I will be able to have my same workflow I had before when I was CONSTANTLY frustrated by videos locking up during edit etc. I HATED that! If this fixes that, it will make me want to edit videos again! I actually ENJOY editing, but not when it's a frustrating experience. Based on all the reviews I have seen on YouTube, this
  16. Well, I pulled the plug. Arrives Dec 16 - 23, 2020. Xmas present for me. 13-inch MacBook Pro - Space Gray Hardware: Touch Bar and Touch ID Backlit Magic Keyboard - US English Apple M1 chip with 8‑core CPU, 8‑core GPU, and 16‑core Neural Engine 512GB SSD storage Accessory Kit 16GB unified memory Two Thunderbolt / USB 4 ports 13-inch Retina display with True Tone Software: Photos, iMovie, GarageBand Pages, Numbers, Keynote macOS
  17. I am waiting for Apple to call me on Monday and give me the details of the Intel Macbook Pro return before buying my new M1.
  18. I don't have a Netflix subscription, so I haven't come around to watch the documentary yet, but it's correct that there are used massive resources on training, marketing and research before a group have their debut. There have been some numbers going around online, pointing out that debuting a new group could cost upwards off $1 million, that includes training, marketing, research, producing music video, promotions in music shows etc. Then you got comebacks, most groups have two of them every year, which comes with a mini-album that contains up to 6 songs, one music video and two to
  19. Mine is the same. In the past, I have generally gotten things early, but since this is a new product that probably won't be the case. I am really looking forward to it though. I am hoping that a 13" MacBook Pro could be my traveling streaming rig with Ecamm. That would make me very happy!
  20. Have you seen the BlackPink documentary on Netflix (I think)? It is really something how they put these groups together. The marketing and research that goes into it. They have camps of kids who all contend to be in these groups.
  21. What’s your delivery date for the M1 MacBook Pro? Mine is 26 November.
  22. Good luck apple boy. Hope it works out. if not you can return it. your good at that David.
  23. I had a VERY popular TV show reach out to me because they had no idea how to run a stream from their home. They were shocked. They were expecting me to tell them it would cost them tens of thousands of dollars, and when I told them they were floored. I mean, when Trevor Noah first started streaming from home it looked like he was using a Logitech C920...and maybe he was...but you would think these guys production teams would know this. I helped Matti Haapoja, a YouTuber, wit his initial live stream set up and he did not realize they could use all their C200's etc. So yeah, it is a pretty
  24. I have been attending ProFusion 2020 today and there is an anomaly I have noticed.... that is they can't live stream. With all of the big tech they have, I mean hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gear, they have no idea how to stream. I just wanted to put that out there and maybe we can talk about how we are at the forefront of the next revolution in video production.
  25. Looking forward to a Silicon-based iMac or a Mac mini Pro - I think that could be one reason why they went back to silver with this M1 mini, they could save space grey for a more powerful model. Either of the new M1 laptops could be a good replacement for my 2013 13" MacBook Pro.
  26. A group often cover songs from other groups before they have their debut, to show off their skills, whether it's dance or vocal covers, to build up hype around them, and to let people know about their abilities. After a group have had their debut, they mostly do their own songs and choreographies, but some random covers occur from time to time, especially if they are from a smaller and more unknown label. Dancing and singing is essential to all K-Pop groups, you'll seldom find a group who does only vocals, dance is always implemented.
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