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PLAN: 2021 and BEYOND!

Well...I have been thinking for several weeks. Playing with NEW Facebook features and observing the user experience, and after a LOT of thought and deliberation I have decided what we are going to do. Some of you are going to love it. Some of you may hate it. But one thing is for sure...we are ALL going to have a much better experience in the long run. So, I have tested the Facebook API as well as YouTube and have found that we cannot have single login for the website/forums with either of


David in UPDATE

iPhone 12 Pro Max Review

Soon, I will be doing a review of the NEW iPhone 12 Pro Max!  Here's the UNBOXING stream I did on Twitch... UPDATE: Ok phones are IN HAND! That means I will be working on the reviews. We also grabbed the Mini for Jennifer. She LOVES it so far. Personally, as I do find the Max to be HUGE, it is not too bad. I THINK I could get used to it. We will see. Stay tuned! I am working on a video with it called "Will I keep It". I think that may become a series!


David in PHONES

I Pre-Ordered the New MacBook Pro 13 with the M1!

Well, I did it. I bought into the HYPE even though I told myself I wouldn't... BUT...after seeing many reviews and seeing it in the hand of some YouTubers now I am a bit more confident I made a good decision. For live streaming, as some of you know, I am 100% PC, however for everything else I prefer Mac. My video and content creation flow is very Mac heavy. I would love to be able to edit in Final Cut X and not have issues like I do on my iMac. I COULD grab my iPad Pro and e


David in APPLE

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