Fondoodler Review: Testing the Cheese Gun!

Luria Petrucci 01.30.2017 2 comments

When we heard about the Fondoodler, we had to try it out! It’s basically a hot glue gun for cheese! But we tried some other stuff with it, too – like chocolate and marshmallows. How did it work? What food was best when run through the Fondoodler? Check out the video!

Luria Petrucci

I used to go by the name Cali Lewis. Then after 10 years of that, I decided... it's time to get REAL! So I threw out the things keeping the cap on my success and happiness! Who knew a simple name could hold you back?!? Now I'm on fire and ready to take the world by storm! :) Geeks Life and Live Streaming Pros are my passions and allow me to do what I love... HELP PEOPLE! And I love doing it side by side with my man, David and my chihuahua, Abbey.

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2 Comments on "Fondoodler Review: Testing the Cheese Gun!"

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Paul Dixon

I’m not sold personally, but I guess if you want to get creative with cheese (did I really just type that?) then at least it’s not going to cost you that much 🙂

Linda Lee Orr
Linda Lee Orr

After you load the cheese, wait 3 minutes to warm/melt the cheese and ready to use!