Chair Workouts to keep you fit with Donovan Green

Luria Petrucci 11.03.2016 0 comments

We’re all spending so much time in chairs, in front of computers, and our health is taking a hit. Standup desks can help, burt they’re still a new concept and most people don’t have them. What they do have is a chair!

Donovan Green, personal trainer to Dr. Oz, joined us to talk about his Chair Workouts. They’re a set of exercises anyone can do, while sitting in their chair at home or in the office. Donovan showed us several that are great for stretching muscles and lessening stress and tension.

For more from him, check out our interview with him over on Live Streaming Pros, where he shared tips for overcoming the hardships and discouragements that can be a part of life.

As Donovan says, “Movement is the purpose of living! So get up and move!”

You can check him out out on Facebook, and with his book, “No Excuses Fitness“!

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