DOGS: The More You Know. A public service announcement

David Foster 08.03.2017 5 comments

Who loves dogs? Well, if you do, then this video is for you!

Do you own a dog? Do you agree? What do you feed your dog?

Let's Geek Out!

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Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson

Don’t forget dessert. Human ice cream is unhealthy for dogs, but there is an alternative for them:
A friend of mine has a Bernese Mountain Dog. That huge dog would lick the Frosty Paws ice cream right out of the little cup without getting a drop on the floor. That dog’s sense of pleasure while eating was very apparent, too.

René Christmann
René Christmann

In Europe the standard for pet food are the same like for normal Food.


I agree. My bro gives his dog dry food except on weekends and I bought two ebooks on my iPad via the iBook app with recipes for cats and dogs, but I’m not in charge so cats get cat food and dog gets dog food. We do give them treats and parts of our meals pretty frequently. We even share yogurt with one cat that loves it. I wouldn’t mind coming from those recipes though. I’ll have to think of an approach because other than that they’re spoiled. They all sleep in our beds and get to go out when they want. Plus they lay on our couches. Lately I read the ingredients on pet food and I’m shocked by the crap in some brands. But yeah they deserve better.