Control your Sonos speakers directly from your Spotify app!

Luria Petrucci 12.16.2016 0 comments

Real quick piece of housekeeping before we get to Spotify! In a few days, I’m hitting my 11th year of doing tech videos online. That’s insane!!! It’s because of that, I can count more than 1 BILLION video views under my belt and over 3500 videos created. In 2017, I want to make Geeks Life AWESOME! As you know, I run two brands. Geeks Life and Live Streaming Pros. I can’t do everything I want by myself. So I’m looking for some additional hosts to join me on the Geeks Life network. If that’s something you’re interested in, email me!

Okay, so….

If you use both Spotify and Sonos, your life just got a bit more simple. Once you update Spotify, and connect it to your Sonos account, you’ll see a little button in the bottom right corner.

Click that, then choose the speaker, or group of speakers, to connect to.

It’s super simple, there’s not much to go over in terms of the how.

Though there’s one thing you should know. It sees the speakers from Sonos. That means that if you have a group of speakers set on Sonos, it’ll see that GROUP not the individual speakers.

You can not control which speakers are grouped or the individual volume of each speaker from Spotify. Spotify sees the group as a SINGLE speaker. Where Sonos sees the group PLUS individual speakers.

So there is a bit of limitation, but it’s AWESOME to be able to do this! Here’s my main reason why.

I used to do a lot of discovery in Spotify. Browsing around for new artists and looking for new types of music. It’s so easy in Spotify, and much harder in Sonos.

So now, I look forward to getting BACK to my discovery processes now!

What about you? Are you going to use Spotify to control your Sonos speakers? Let me know in the comments!

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