Control everything in your hotel room – from a tablet!

Luria Petrucci 01.11.2017 1 comment

You know all the miscellaneous information that you find in hotel rooms? Like room service menus, available services, and stuff like that? Well, at the Aria in Las Vegas, where I was staying during CES, they have all that stuff on a bedside tablet, along with a whole bunch of controls for the room like lights, temperature, drapes… all from the tablet! There are also controls on the walls, for times when that’s more convenient than the tablet.

Have you ever had a tablet controlling things in your room? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments!

Luria Petrucci

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One thought on “Control everything in your hotel room – from a tablet!

  1. This is a step up from CitizenM. I usually stay with them as most intercontinental flights leave really early from Amsterdam (NL). They had a remote control that could be used for basic things like changing the colors of the lights in the room, opening the curtains, setting the alarm and temperature.
    It didn’t have the guide which I really liked in this video.

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