CES 2017: LG Signature OLED TV W is literally video wallpaper!

Luria Petrucci 01.05.2017 3 comments

LG’s new Signature TV W, or “Wallpaper” as it’s being called, is an impressive demonstration of just how thin a video screen can get. This TV is actually thinner than an iPhone, something that’s made possible by the fact that a super-thin (1/10 of an inch) video panel is all you hang on the wall. All the other electronics, including the soundbar, sit in a box below the screen. No information yet on availability or pricing.

Luria Petrucci

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3 thoughts on “CES 2017: LG Signature OLED TV W is literally video wallpaper!

  1. It’s a cool concept but I wouldn’t pay a premium for it. I do like how the AV components are separated form the panel. I guess they were forced to do this because of the thinness but I wished all TVs had this because it would be easier to get to the connections.

  2. Now that is cool as a backdrop for a Live Streaming show. I only hope that they also can have a matt finish for less reflection. But I love it!

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