Black Friday be damned!

Luria Petrucci 11.23.2016 7 comments

Okay, I’m about to piss some of you off. Are you ready? Every year I do a gift guide or 15 of ‘em.

It’s kinda been my thing, but I gotta be honest, this year I just couldn’t. Every time I sat down to try, I wanted to gag at the amount of “buy, buy, buy”. Shit you don’t need. But want ‘cause it’s cool. Cause it’s the latest and greatest? Cause it makes you look cool.

I can’t do it this year. I can’t sit here and tell you the stuff you should buy because I only want you to buy what you really NEED!

There are amazing gadgets out there! Technology that really can make a difference in your LIFE! But heck… how many piles do you have of gadgets that didn’t really get used that much before you moved on to the next thing?

David and I are about to go on a complete purge and get rid of everything that doesn’t bring us joy… or has some REASON to be in our lives. All the clutter and junk is driving me crazy!

So, this year, why don’t you try just buying the things that will mean something to you? Regardless of if it’s a good deal or not!

I’ll tell you what tech I have that I LOVE. That makes me happy. That adds value to my life. And I’d like to hear the same from you.

Starting with Sonos. We have a Sonos speaker in every room of our house. Music is constantly filling this house with sounds that make me happy. That move me. That calm me when I’m stressed. Or set the mood when needed. I’d say Sonos is the number one gadget in my life that I couldn’t live without.

Outside of my Macbook, that is! You know how I feel about the new Macs, so I’m still on on that’s considered ancient now!

Tied for third, for me, is Alexa. I love the usefulness, but I really think Google Home will become a more useful device for me as the software develops.

The other part to this tie is my iPad Pro and the Smart keyboard combo. I use it every day during our live streams for Live Streaming Pros. And I often take it on the go to keep being productive even when I have to jump in the car or on a plane! Don’t worry… David’s driving in that whole typing while on the move scenario!

My Acer HDMI monitor is vital to my daily work life. I HAVE to have a second screen!

And then there’s ….

I think that’s it. 5 devices. They’re not the newest and shiniest. But they make a difference in my life. And this is Geeks Life after all.

So… let’s hear your list! What are the things that you can’t live without? And this holiday season… instead of getting caught up in deals and presents and stuff that doesn’t matter… how about we focus on the people around us, making a difference in other’s lives in ways that are much longer lasting than any gadget?

Okay… now you can tell me how pissed off you are about my new take on the holidays… But I do want to hear YOUR list. So leave a comment!

Luria Petrucci

I used to go by the name Cali Lewis. Then after 10 years of that, I decided… it’s time to get REAL! So I threw out the things keeping the cap on my success and happiness! Who knew a simple name could hold you back?!? Now I’m on fire and ready to take the world by storm! :) Geeks Life and Live Streaming Pros are my passions and allow me to do what I love… HELP PEOPLE! And I love doing it side by side with my man, David and my chihuahua, Abbey.

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