[IMPORTANT] Let’s talk Community…

David Foster 01.21.2018 16 comments

Hey Geek, just wanted to talk community with you for a moment. Please watch the video and PLEASE leave a comment to let me know what you think. The response, so far in email, has been 100% yes…but I want to know what YOU think too…

So, what do you think?

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16 thoughts on “[IMPORTANT] Let’s talk Community…

    • Thanks Petra! Glad you like the idea. I have wanted to do something like that since this all started. I started with a BuddyPress and BBPress installation running on WordPress, and it just wasn’t that great. It had a lot of things I wanted, but lacked a lot too…and was always having issues. I loved the social aspects and potential though. 🙂

      And ya, I think I am going to go for the black…just means I have to move EVERYTHING out of the set area, and pretty much start all over. But that could be fun, and it will make for more content. 🙂

  1. It’s true that the forum is working well so far on LSP (only been going a few days though), and it’s a much better system than what was used previously on here.

    But, the LSP community is bigger and more active compared to Geeks Life, and the members have a reason to use that forum because it’s part of their coaching program. They also have Luria and a few moderators to ensure that things are kept active.

    Even if some of the more active Geeks+ members here started posting on a forum I’m not convinced they would get enough feedback/engagement from the rest of the members to make them want to continue. I’ve seen forums started on this site and Geek Beat before it, and they often start off being popular, but after a few months they become ghost towns – and that’s with more members.

    Black might look ok on the set, but I already think it looks a bit dark, and it feels like something that doesn’t need changing – especially if it takes away from time spent doing other things, or means you can’t use the set for the next show.

    • I agree with you on most points, but the way that the other forums we had didn’t really have the functionality to encourage engagement. This system has a great notification system.

      I’ve gotten replies from people that I emailed that said they just can’t use slack but would love a forum so they could join conversations. I’m the same. And really, it wouldn’t take too much moderation. And if we did need moderators eventually, that’d be a good thing. 😍

      And I agree on the wall. I’m leaving it how it is. 😎

  2. I think it’s a great idea.. only hope it doesn’t add to much to your workload. I would love to put up more content and other geeky stuff out there. So this would be cool. And maybe it will help the community grow and have more interaction between the GL members … because that is what i’m missing in slack now .. more conversations between GL members … it’s always the same cool people .. and I think there are a lot more out there that could make it even more fun to be a part of…

  3. Yeah, a Forum would be great 🙂 I noticed that in slack only 15 to 20 people talking or posting stuff, and remember Paul said there a 89 people there. A forum would be more organized and you can follow the post you want 🙂

    Have fun by tearing your set down.
    I have to rework my space too.
    Cabel mess 😀

    See you

    • Thanks for the feedback Renè. I too like to be able to go back and join conversations, and what I call binge reply, when I get time. With slack, I just can’t do that. The most I can do is go back and like and reply to individual comments, and start a single thread, but that is about it, and I miss SO many great long conversations, that I really hope will make their way over to the website. 🙂

  4. As I mentioned in my email reply, I can’t monitor Slack all day/night. I intentionally close it down so I’m not getting interrupted constantly. When I do pop in to see what’s been happening, I can only join the current conversation. I’d prefer to have the conversations separated so I can choose the ones that interest me and chime in. So, I would be more active in Geeks Life if you implement a forum using IP Board.

  5. You made a good point in the video about slack sometimes or often making it hard to follow the convo or even take part each time you want. I’m for the forum. I have plenty of access to web browsers anyway. I’m voting yes!

    • Some of the content would be public as some of the site would not be locked down. They would still have to register to participate, but as far as the Geeks+ stuff, most of it would be 100% locked down. The only thing I may leave public is to see what forums exist so that people can see what kind of topics are on the site so they may see something they want to get involved for.

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